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Trude Lizares is known for its sleek, simple but undeniably appealing clothing made for confident, modern women. The brand stays true to its vision of making fashion more than just aesthetics, but a lifestyle. Using indigenous and natural fabric, Trude Lizares sets itself apart with its handmade pieces that capture the real beauty of every woman. The challenge for Trude Lizares was to revamp its social media presence and attract more sales and followers by retargeting past and new customers. New Age Digital owned that challenge and gave Trude Lizares the spotlight it deserves. We began by fixing its brand identity and making it more in tune with the vision and advocacy of the owner. We gave more life to the brand by creating more video content, illustrations, photo collages, launching monthly newsletters, and shooting their new collection with public figure, Lauren Reid. We grew their followers both on Facebook and Instagram since we took over the account last January 2021, and increased their online engagement by 288%.


By solidifying its online brand and providing creatives that appeal to its market, Trude Lizares took its social media presence to a new level with New Age Digital as its partner. We’re here to show you how we grew their presence with our social media management service.


About the Client

About the client - Trude Lizares



Trude Lizares is a retail and clothing brand that aims to help women bring out their confidence and beauty with handmade, hand embroidered, and hand-beaded clothing. With its unique value proposition, Trude Lizares provides impeccable pieces that remain true to the spirits of modern women.



With digital platforms becoming a go-to for most Filipino women as they shop, it’s important for brands like Trude Lizares to stay in the scene and be in front of their customers. Competition has become fiercer as more people opt to stay home and shop from the comforts of their homes. The goal of this campaign is three folds:

Revamp social media

Revamp their social media presence to build more online traction for Trude Lizares

Attract more followers

Attract more followers that can potentially be new customers.

Retarget customers

Retarget and reignite connections with past customers.


new age digital formula

Creating a strong brand identity How customers recognize your brand has a big impact on your online presence. We started Trude Lizares’ digital transformation by revamping their brand identity to make it more aligned with their vision and advocacy.

strong brand trude lizares
creative content

Providing creative content Content plays a big part in a brand’s online presence. It’s what makes customers interact with a business. With video content, photo collages, and illustrations made by our talented creatives team, we helped Trude Lizares revived their brand and showcase the best of their products to attract more customers on social media.


Staying relevant to customers Branding doesn’t stop. Part of our strategy is to make sure Trude Lizares get more engagements with their customers. We did this by launching monthly newsletters that highlight the brand’s collection. We also did a new shoot of their collection featuring Lauren Reid.

staying relevant

Results Comparing their social media performance from the previous three months to their performance this January to March 2021, we were able to: Grow their combined audience to 7,467. Improve their Facebook audience engagement from 6,132 to 24,220. Boost engagement rate by 136%.

Results of the campaign

By continuously building their social media presence, we give Trude Lizares the extra boost to drive more customers and grow their business.